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Datanomics helps organisations and groups gain greater agency in the data economy through collective action. We do this by developing ethical and sustainable models for sharing data that shift value to creators and makers; and, by building practices based on shared values and principles.

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james horton

founder and ceo of datanomics.

I lead a data strategy and advisory team that co-creates ethically aligned data-sharing platforms.

We do this by working within and across organisations to develop self-governed data-sharing frameworks so they can address problems and realise opportunities that cannot be done without sharing data.

I make it a priority to find interesting people and engage in meaningful conversations, especially when they involve issues like data ethics, digital agency and dignity, and I hold a firm belief in the importance civil society in supporting a robust democracy.

  • Civil Society Representative, PM&C Open Government Forum

  • Steering Committee Member, Open Government Partnership Network

  • Director, Internet Australia

  • Member, Accountability Roundtable



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Established in 2000, doubleIQ is a data engineering company that has developed a unique, trusted data orchestration platform that delivers complex, large scale data integration, publication, and data commercialisation capabilities for large enterprises.

DoubleIQ also hosts a data innovation cluster that supports a number of local data-driven startups.

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Developed by farmers for farmers, SmartOysters is a Software as
a Service (SaaS) collaborative farming platform for the oyster and related aquaculture industries.

SmartOysters enables the digital capture, management and ownership of farmer practices and data. SmartOysters also allows farmers to collaborate through sharing data and workflows to create new value for farmers.

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